Our Heartbeat

The ministry of the McCloskey family is for the church. We help with tools to build the family of God and reach the lost; to encourage the pastor and his people in a difficult and non-caring world. We are a family - the family of God. We are a bunch of nobodies who get to serve a great Somebody, Jesus Christ. If we can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Goals

  • To help churches with the music programs
  • Adult choir building
  • Teen choir building
  • Special music groups and ensembles
  • Music seminars which include vocal training, microphone training, articulation, expression, and basic rules of music.
  • We want to help churches find good music that will be exciting, worshipful and God-honoring (but not worldly), that lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ and inspirational to the Christian in the service of our Saviour.
  • So far we have helped several churches start a local radio broadcast. This helps the church help their community and gives the church great exposure
  • We sing soul stirring and inspirational music for special meetings, revivals, camp meetings, banquets, youth rallies, special functions, mission conferences, singles conferences, and big days.
  • Preaching that will challenge the heart and encourage the Christian to give all to Jesus Christ in service and in testimony.
  • Radio share-a-thons: this helps to raise funds to keep Christian broadcasting on the airwaves delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ. We sing and anchor.

Our Journey

Our journey has been awesome thus far. We have had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota, Florida, and many states in between. God has allowed us to have a part in radio share-a-thons, revivals, tent meetings and special Sundays in Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, and Michigan. We have been in snow camps, teen camps, singles conferences, jubilees, teen banquets, and music banquets.

Music Training

Areas of service that the McCloskey's offer are music seminars and conferences. A very important part of our ministry is music. We long to help churches build their music programs to inspire the lives of God's people. It is obvious that music is a vital part of the local New Testament church. Therefore, we should do our best to build our music programs with a godly choice of music.

There are basic principles that will help maintain the music program and practical training that will encourage the church family. A scheduled music seminar or conference on Saturday mornings, Saturday evenings, or any times throughout the week, can help enhance the music programs. Several churches have had a music revival, which helps the entire congregation understand the purpose of music and how it is a part of our worship.

Radio Broadcasting

We have been given a great tool in radio today. Christian radio is awesome, however, the lost listen to secular radio. The McCloskey's have helped several churches start a daily Monday through Friday broadcast on secular radio, which are approximately one to one and a half minutes long. This encourages the family of today and gives direction to moms and dads.

It offers a Biblical solution to parents of teenagers along with an avenue of outreach to their ministry. These tools are simple to implement in your ministry with the proper training of your staff and the computer software that will only require minutes a day of the pastor or the church staff's time, yet have an outreach that can affect thousands. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of help.