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The T-Shirt Series

Make America Christian Again

We've all heard a lot of chatter about the importance of "Making America Great Again." We love our country and its heritage, and yet as God's children we understand that the true measure of greatness is not found in politics or economic strategies, but rather in the blessings of almighty God. With this T-shirt, you'll have a way to proclaim to everyone you see that you're not only an American, but you're also a Christian, and are dedicated to pointing your country to the Savior.

The T-Shirt Series

Keep America Christian

The "Keep America Christian" T-shirt from McCloskey Family Ministries is a great way to proclaim your love for God and country! As we seek to uphold the basic tenets of our Christian faith and live in obedience to the simple truths of God's Word, let's encourage other believers to do the same!